About Laurie Celine


Laurie Celine is a contemporary landscape painter who lives in Taos, New Mexico. She moved to Taos in 2013, relocating from her longtime home of Cape Cod where she returned the winter of 2015, and came back to live in Taos to work as a reporter for The Taos News in February 2016. After that, she stayed in Taos painting again, while also working on fiction.  She studied painting in college, while earning degrees in environmental philosophy. She is also an animal welfare advocate. she returned to painting seriously, when Maggie the elephant who moved from the Alaska Zoo to the Performing Animal Welfare Sanctuary sparked her muse. She spent a month at PAWS in 2008, and then came to Taos in 2009 for a two week visit and stayed five months, plein-air painting daily with local artists. Her paintings are in oil and pastel, and are constantly expanding in color and expression. Lately, Laurie has been playing with abstract landscapes and color in her studio, as well as plein-air painting.


Laurie Celine at Desert Dolphin Art Studio:


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